About womenperformhers:

womenperformhers was formed in 1982 with the goal of performing and promoting the repertoire of music composed by women. For centuries the music of women composers was ignored, yet womenperformhers found a lot of quality music in this genre. Happily, in recent decades women composers have flourished, providing yet more music for us to present.

womenperformhers has delighted audiences and critics alike with music from the past as well as new pieces. We encourage female composers, poets, artists with commissions and performances. Lyrics for compositions often include commissions from local poets.

We perform the works of women composers, but our concerts frequently include chamber music from the standard repertoire.

A typical womenperformhers recital might include:

  • Clara Schumann
  • Les Six, with emphasis on Germaine Tailleferre
  • Local and nationally known composers like; Maura Bosch, Sarah Miller, Carol Barnett, Sherry Wohlers Ladig, Jeanie Brindley-Barnett, Erica Foin and Libby Larsen.

Next Concert:

Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church

Sunday, March 29th, 3:00 p.m. 2015

Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church
Located on the west side of the lake.
Side entrance.